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Microblading  $650

Semi-permanent eyebrow enhancement

Performed by Certified Microblading Technician


It’s a well-known fact in the beauty industry that great eyebrows will ‘frame your face’ and help to extenuate other characteristic features of the face, such as your eyes. 

  • Define 
  • Add Color
  • Create Balance 
  • Correct Shape
  • Fully Reconstruct 

Pigment is carefully deposited into the skins dermal layer leaving fine hair-like strokes of color, which replicate the look of real eyebrow hairs.  This procedure is accomplished using advanced manual technique and precision, customized pigment shade and a specially designed blade, containing many micro needles.

Lasts 1-2 years 

In studio touch-up pricing available

What makes Microblading different from permanent tattooed makeup?

  • Microblading is semi-permanent and will fade over time.
  • Traditional permanent makeup is designed to stay throughout the course of one’s life.