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Tokyo Milk

This mysterious yet sophisticated collection of Fragrances by Margot Elena transcends the traditional; discover objects to desire and coveted treasures. Tokyo Milk beautifully balances design, fragrance and formulations, always mindful that their products add beauty and meaning to their environment. Each item is created to perform as an absolute favorite and to feel like a treasure to hold and to keep.

TKM Candles DeadSexy 1
TKM Candles Eden 1
TKM Candles GinandRosewater 2
TKM Candles HoneyandtheMoon 2
TKM Candles Kabuki 2
TKM Candles LePetite 1
TKM Candles LetThemEatCake 1
TKM Candles SugarSugar 1
TKM Candles Waltz 1
TKM EDP DeadSexy 1
TKM EDP Eden 1
TKM EDP GinandRosewater 1
TKM EDP HoneyandtheMoon 1
TKM EDP Kabuki 1
TKM EDP LetThemEatCake 1
TKM Handcreme DeadSexy 2
TKM Handcreme Eden 2
TKM Handcreme GinandRosewater 2
TKM Handcreme HoneyandtheMoon 2
TKM Handcreme Kabuki 2
TKM Handcreme LetThemEatCake 2
TKM LipBalms CherryBomb 1
TKM LipBalms HoneyBlossom 1
TKM LipBalms LetThemEatCake 1
TKM LipBalms OperaMint 1
TKM LipBalms RoseWater 1
TKM LipBalms SweetCream 1
TKM MNM GardenState 1
TKM MNM ModernLove 1
TKM MNM SugarBomb 1
TKM MNM SunKissed 1
TKM SML Bubble Bath Octopus 1
TKM SML Bubble Bath SkullwRoses 1