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INTRODUCING SKINTELLIGENT - An enriched skin care system with Probiotic Technology

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Skintelligent - Cleanser

Skintelligent - Cleanser

This comfortable exfoliating gel cleanser revitalizes lackluster skin and improves texture. Natural seeds gently buff away dead skin cells, helping to boost the performance of the other Skintelligent products containing Probiotic Technology. Encapsulated beads deliver Vitamins A, C and E to reveal fresher, younger-looking skin. Free of alcohol, oil, parabens, sulfates, synthetic colorants and dyes.

Skintelligent - Toner

Skintelligent - Toner

This toner protects against environmental stressors with probiotic technology. Extracts of Alpine Willowherb and Ginseng energize, hydrate and help firm skin while reducing the appearance of pores. Together these ingredients leave skin refreshed and help absorption of serums and moisturizers. Free of alcohol, parabens, sulfates, synthetic colorants and dyes.

Skintelligent - Moisturizer

Skintelligent - Moisturizer

This lightweight moisturizer helps keep skin hydrated while protecting against environmental stressors with probiotic technology. Innovative Elixir-IR™ and Resveratrol help improve elasticity and texture. Together these ingredients protect and replenish skin’s moisture barrier leaving it calm and soothed. Free of alcohol, fragrance, oil, parabens, synthetic colorants and dyes.

Anti Aging Complex Body Lotion

Anti-Aging Complex Body Lotion

All Skin Types/Aging Concerns

Our most advanced anti-aging moisturizer delivers essential ingredients to rejuvenate and nurture skin. This antioxidant rich formula utilizes Green Coffee to help improve skin elasticity, and an effective humectant to increase hydration leaving skin softer, smoother, and more comfortable for hours. nnovative Pro-Svetyl® and Matrixyl® Synthe'™ work together for an overall healthier and firmer looking appearance targeting bumpy, red and uneven skin.

Anti Aging Complex

Anti-Aging Complex Emulsion SPF 30

All Skin Types/Aging Concerns

This popular day cream contains a triple peptide complex to improve skins elasticity and tightness, as it smooths and plumps. Emollients, broad spectrum SPF 30 and time-released antioxidants make this moisturizer great for all skin types, as it will energize, soothe and hydrate the skin, while minimizing the appearance of flaws.

Proven to decrease the depth of wrinkles & improve skin tone is just 4 weeks.

94% felt improved hydration and dimished fine lines.

Anti Aging Night Cream

Anti-Aging Complex Night Cream

All Skin Types/Aging Concerns

This advanced night cream contains a triple peptide complex to help skin feel and appear more firm with improved elasticity and tightness. Advanced moisturizing system hydrates the skin while plumping up all surface lines, leaving you looking and feeling youthful and healthy! 91% felt improvement in skin’s hydration and smoothness. 88% saw an overall improvement in the appearance of their skin.

Anti Redness Cream

Anti-Redness Cream

All Skin Types/Redness Concerns

This day cream contains anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant ingredients to instantly calm and soothe the skin, while extinguishing visible redness. Your skin will be protected from environmental damage through the use of antioxidants and active ingredients. The light green tint to this cream will visible reduce redness and blotchiness, allowing you to feel comfortable and healthy!

Billiant C Moisturizer

Brilliant-C Moisturizer

All Skin Types/Dull and Discoloured

Using Bright+ Complex and optical diffusers, this day cream will effectively dimish dark spots and discolouration while it restores a luminous, youthful glow! Your skin will be left feeling soft, smooth, hydrated and comfortable with a healthy glow!

Brilliant C Neck

Brilliant-C Neck & Chest Cream

All Skin Types/Dull and Discoloured

This brightening neck and chest cream helps to diminish the appearance of dark spots and discolouration using Bright+ Complex. Sodium Hyaluronate and emollients hydrate the neck and chest area to help avoid the appearance of aging and leaving you feeling soft, smooth and comfortable. Optical diffusers leave your skin luminous and healthy-looking!

Changing Skin

Changing Skin Moisturizer

All Skin Types/Hormonal Change Concerns

This daytime moisturizer is great for anyone going through hormonal changes as it contains menthol to provide cooling relief and Rubixyl to counteract dryness and wrinkling. Plant extracts and Vivillume restore the skins luminosity and lipid barrier, promoting an even skin tone and youthful vitality!

Clear Complexion Moisturizer

Clear Complexion Moisturizer

All Skin Types/Acne Prone Skin

This daily moisturizer will help hydrate skin, as it refines pores, reduces excess surface oil and improve skins tone and texture. 2% Salicylic acid will effectively unclogged pores & clear up breakouts as well as preventing new ones from coming. This cream will leave you feeling calm, smooth and healthy!

Clinically proven to reduce acne.

Daily Moisture Cream

Daily Moisture Creme

Dry Skin Types

Using Bio Moisture Complex™, this hydrating day cream will bind and lock moisture to the skin as well as plump away fine lines and wrinkles! Antioxidants and soothing botanicals protect your skin from free-radical damage, leaving you with prolonged hydration and comfort. Your skin will appear more radiant and healthy.

Gentle Solutions Moisturizer

Gentle Solutions Moisturizer

All Skin Types/Sensitive

This day cream is great for anyone with sensitivity problems, who lack moisture. The emollients and natural extracts will provide time-released, lasting hydration which will leave you feeling smooth, comfortable and hydrated.

Proven to help reduce inflamation and protect again elements we encounter daily.

Matte Oil Free Moisturizer

Matte Oil Free Moisturizer

Normal to Oily Skin Types

Cinnamon bark extract contains astringent & antiseptic properties to refresh the skin and optical diffusers minimize the appearance of pores. Microspheres, extracts & oil absorbing/regulating ingredients help to control sebum production and absorb excess surface oil, leaving your skin with a matte, powdery finish!

Nightly Moisture

Nightly Moisture Cream

Dry Skin Types

The perfect night cream for those with super dry skin! The Bio Moisture Complex™ improves clarity and evens out skin tone as it prevents the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Your skin will feel soft, supple and healthy while appearing more radiant!

Nighttime Recovery

Nighttime Recovery Cream

All Skin Types

This popular night cream nourishes and protects the skin while improving clarity and skin tone. Antioxidants help to brighten dull looking skin and prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Time-released hydration increases moisture retention and prevents dryness. Your skin will feel more revitalized and smooth!

Preventage Oily

Preventage Firming Defense Normal/Oily

Normal to Oily Skin Types

This day cream will even out skin tone and prevent fine lines and wrinkles with the use of time-released antioxidants, collagen amino acids and the anti-pollution complex. Daily use will protect your skin from environmental damage and premature aging because it contains broad spectrum SPF 15. Your skin will feel soft, smooth and look more healthy!


Preventage Firming Defense Normal/Dry

Normal to Dry Skin Types

This popular moisturizer has time-released antioxidants, amino acids and emollients to help replenish lost moisture and improve skin's clarity. The broad spectrum SPF 15 prevents fine lines and wrinkle, skin damage and sunburns. this is great day time cream as it will protect against effects of pollution, leaving you feeling soft, smooth and hydrated.

Ultimate Firming Neck

Ultimate Firming Neck Cream

All Skin Types/Aging Concerns

This firming neck cream contains Juvinity™ to significantly reduce fine lines and wrinkles while providing an immediate ‘tensor-like’ effect. Age-defying extracts and peptides help firm, shape and tighten the neck area, reducing the appearance of sagging skin.  Daily use will help you feel and appear firmer, tighter and younger!

Wrinkle Smoother

Wrinkle Smoother

All Skin Types/Aging Concerns

This anti-aging day cream is loaded with Argireline to smooth out and minimize lines and wrinkles caused from expression. Your skin will be protected from environmental damage and will feel more firm and supple, as it contains antioxidants, amino acids and emollients. Time-released moisturization will prevent premature aging.

73% of women felt surface lines were plumped.

92% of women felt improvement in hydration and smoothness.