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Lollia Fragrance by Margot Elena is a world of Modern Romantic Luxury filled with lovely details, blushing fragrances and flirtatious touches. Inspired by signature mix and match patterns and fresh-picked color palettes. The Lollia Life is unconscious allure, unstudied sophistication, close friends and quiet moments.  Our collections include Parfum, Shea Butter, Shower Gel, Bath Salts, Bubbling Bath, Luminary and Petite Treats!

LOL Breathe Bubble Bath 1
LOL Breathe EDP 1
LOL Breathe LittleLux 1
LOL Breathe Luminary 1
LOL Breathe Petite Treat 1
LOL Breathe SaltSachet 1
LOL Breathe ShowerGel 1
LOL Calm Bubble Bath 1
LOL Calm Dusting Powder 2
LOL Calm EDP 1
LOL Calm Handcreme 1
LOL Calm Luminary 1
LOL Calm PetiteTreat 1
LOL Calm SaltSachet 1
LOL Calm ShowerGel 1
LOL InLove BathSalts 1
LOL InLove BathSalts 3
LOL InLove EDP 2
LOL InLove GiftSet3
LOL InLove Handcreme 1
LOL InLove LittleLux 1
LOL InLove Luminary 1
LOL InLove PetiteTreat 1
LOL InLove ShowerGel 1
LOL Relax EDP 1
LOL Relax GiftSet3
LOL Relax Handcreme 1
LOL Relax LittleLux 1
LOL Relax Luminary 1
LOL Relax PetiteTreat 1
LOL Relax SaltSachet 1
LOL Relax ShowerGel 1
LOL Wish Bubble Bath 1
LOL Wish EDP 1
LOL Wish GiftSet3
LOL Wish Handcreme 1
LOL Wish LittleLux 1
LOL Wish Luminary 1
LOL Wish PetiteTreat 1
LOL Wish SaltSachet 1
LOL Wish ShowerGel 1