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Aha Intensive

AHA Intensive Complex

Daily Chemical SERUM

This very popular serum helps break up dead skin cells in the epidermis, by the use of 10% Alpha Hydroxy Acids. It will promote quick cell renewal and more even skin tone, leaving you feeling radiant and flake-free! Use before moisturizer.

Gentle Polish

Gentle Polish

Physical Scrub

This daily exfoliator is a manual scrub with microspheres that gently even out skins texture while hydrating the base, leaving your skin soft and smooth. Makeup will go on evenly, making your skin look flawless!

Glycolic Pads

Glycolic Rejuvenating Pads

Chemical Peel
(2-3 times weekly)

These innovative and easy to use pads have time released Glycolic Acid (10%) to effectively dissolve dead skin cells, while softening and refreshing the skin. With the Microsponge technology, this product will help you achieve younger, healthier looking skin!

Clinically proven softer, brighter skin with a decrease in pore size, dark spots and roughness.

Micro Refiner


Physical Scrub
(1-2 times weekly)

This strong manual scrub optimizes exfoliation by using patented microspheres and thermal technology to lift away all dead skin on the surface. Minimizes fine lines and detoxifies pores, leaving your skin smoother, healthier and more radiant! This product is equivelent to an at home micro-dermabrasion, therefore only 1-2 times weekly is recommended.

Polished Perfection Facial Scrub

Polished Perfection

Physical Scrub
(3-5 times weekly)

This manual scrub buffs and polishes the skins surface using finely milled apricot and jojoba seeds. The fruit emzyme gel base helps brighten the skin and remove all impurities, leaving your skin soft, smooth and radiant!



Daily Chemical SERUM

This serum contains enzymes and non acid ingredients enhance the exfoliation process. It can be used daily, before moisturizer to promote cell renewal and even skin tone. This product will relieve flakiness and roughness, leaving your skin looking flawless.

Safe for sensitive skin.

Lip Exfoliator

Lip Exfoliator

Easy-to-use stick formula!

Micro Wax Granules: Gently remove dry skin and soften lips. Soybean Extraxt and Ceramide-3: Reinforce skin's protective barrier and improve moisture. Antioxidants: Condition and help protect skin against environmental damage. Sesame Seed, Jojoba, Safflower and Grape Seed Oil: Help bind moisture to skin, providing a smooth, soft feel and appearance to the lips.