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At Merle Norman Cosmetics & Day Spa Signal Hill, it is our protocol to sterilize instruments by using Medical Grade Autoclave Equipment.  The Autoclave is a machine used to sterilize equipment and supplies using high pressure and steam.  We have installed brand new state-of-the-art Autoclave Equipment that validates and documents each cycle.  It is our commitment to ensure your health and safety where ever possible. 

Many salons follow minimum requirements which is standard but not always 100% effective. 

How do you find out if your salon is using autoclave so that you are 100 % protected?  Ask the question.  Then look for the color change pouches that the instruments are prepared in.  The color changes on the bag once the correct sterilization conditions have been met.  This color change indicates that the object inside the package has been processed.  Autoclave pouches are therefore sealed and should be opened in front of you.  Also, emery boards and nail buffers should always be new and disposed of after each use.